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What is SCAL?

Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) is a computer program that allows you to cut any TrueType font and any design you want, onto a variety of materials, using an electronic cutting machine.

How To Get Set Up

To get started, download and install SCAL onto your computer running Windows or Mac, open a compatible pattern or design (you can download some from our website, import your existing clip art, or create your own) which you will see on your screen, then press 'cut' - and like printing a document to a printer, this software will send the cut instructions to the cutter and produce the design that you have created on the screen onto the material in the cutter.


Sure Cuts A Lot has the ability to load any TrueType font (98% of the fonts available are TrueType). All the fonts already on your computer will automatically be detected by Sure Cuts A Lot, but you will most likely want to have a larger set of fonts to choose from. You can download free ones from the internet or design your own fonts.
You can also use dingbats. A dingbat is a type of font that works like a regular alphabetical font, but instead of letters A-Z and numbers 0-9, you get various shapes, designs, and images. Dingbats allow you to easily and quickly access a large collection of designs with the simplicity of a font. And as with regular fonts, you can select the dingbat within the program with it's intuitive on-screen character selector.

Shapes, Artwork, Images, Logos, etc

The same idea goes for shapes/artwork/designs as well - Sure Cuts A Lot can use existing images on your computer, you can create your own from scratch, download available artwork from our website or from several other talented designers, convert any existing clip art you may already have, or even scan your designs from another medium (such as your company letterhead). The image format used is SVG, which is just another image type like JPG or GIF, but this SVG format allows you to resize/stretch/rotate the image without any loss of quality (also known as a vector image). If you already have a design in mind you'd like to use, and it's not in the SVG format, you can either convert it to SVG or use the built-in 'auto trace' feature within the program to easily trace your existing design! If you can get your image into a digital format onto your computer, Sure Cuts A Lot can use it!
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